Standard Dimensioning

Many SketchUp users engage in dimensioning practices commonly employed in the U.S. Typically a linear dimension is written out with a dash separating feet and inches, thus: 12’-4" or 156’-8 1/2" would accurately represent an example of dimensional transcription. Unfortunately, with SketchUp the user must necessarily edit and add in the dash in order to properly represent the linear dimension.

I have made this observation before but no action was taken, so I am again making a formal request that the next iteration of SketchUp allows for the dash insertion as an automatic feature of standard feet-inch dimensioning. The inclusion of this simple feature will be an advantageous time saver for those of us who use the standard American version of dimensioning in SketchUp!

Would this be called a “units separator character” ?

+1 to add a option box to the “Units” panel of the “ModelInfo” dialog, that takes a single character.

Hi folks.


Even if I mostly work with the Metric System, occasionally I need to use the Imperial System and this would be a nice touch, especially since Layout uses this - between feet and inches.


And between inches and fractions when using Fractional units. :wink: