Round off dimmension numbers - suppress zero

Hi is it possible to

  1. add feature in Sketchup “suppress zero” → so that dimmension numbers would appeared for 100 long item “100” instead “100,0” and for item long 221,3 show exact measure “221,3” - in the same time? I mean to suppress zeroes behind decimal point?

  2. in Layout to add option of sketchup dimmension text size multiplier - to easily enlarge or shrink sketchup text appearance in layout window? For each layout window separetely? (i do all measures and text descriptions in sketchup).

  1. Window menu>Model Info>Units determines what dimensions show.
  2. Do your dimensioning in LayOut. Far more options. Sketchup dimensions using point size text scale correctly in LayOut. “Model unit” sizes grow or shrink with the model in the viewport.