How to get a school licence

Hello, I am a Master’s students from BIM A+. For start my dissertation, one of the softwares that will need to use is the SketchUp. How to obtain the full licence for research or school students?

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on Sketchup’s website

Hello, @ateliernab.

Thank you for the reply. I’ve sent a message to the closest reseller from where I am.
Hopefully, it will work.

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If you get a student license you should update your profile, having an student license doesn’t mean that you’re using sketchup for schools, that’s a web based version for children in elementary school, an student license just allows you to get sketchup pro but cheaper, so on licenses type you must write Pro plan, on sketchup version 2023 or 2024 when it is released. Also the information of your OS isn’t correct, from your gpu info I guess you’re using windows, if you are, what version of windows are you using, there’s no OS called 2024, that’s the year we’re living in.
All the information requested on your profile isn’t just to make jokes or flex your gpu, it actually helps the forum members to help you, a solution to a problem can be different depending on the sketchup version and OS.