How to get a Geo-location without clouds?

I need a location to toggle terrain in Sketchup, but the location on Geo location and google map has clouds. but I searched in google earth there is no cloud on the location in certain times of photo shooting. How can I get the location on Sketchup without clouds?

Which exact location are you talking about?

St Mary, Antigua and Barbuda

Well, I see clouds over part of Saint Mary in both Google Maps and in Google Earth.
You’ll import the image with clouds and terrain. The clouds are part of the image. Nothing you can do about it unless you project some other image, without clouds, over your terrain. Some aerial image that you might have found somewhere else.

Thanx but if you change the date or time in Google earth (I mean history imagery) you can get some images without clouds. is there any way to import those images to Sketchup?

You can’t seem to adjust the time in ‘Add location’ in SketchUp like you would do in Google Earth.
You’ll just get the latest image as image and projected on the terrain.

You could however save/export/grab the appropriate dated image with the desired region from within Google Earth to give you image A
Then import this image A into SketchUp and resize A to the correct size with the help of the image B that ‘Add location’ gives you. (image B is with the clouds).

Position A above the terrain (probably slightly rotated and exactly as as image B)
Paint the terrain default and project B onto the terrain.

p.s. Gogle Earth terrain and image B are both locked groups that can be unlocked to make changes to them

Thank you for your time but I didnt exactly get what you mean by paint and project?? because when I import an image from google earth its completely plain.

Upload a model with the added region, (the exact part of Saint Mary (with clouds) you “like” to be in the model). And I’ll try to put something together with the same region, but without clouds. Including information on how I got to that point.

Thank you, I am going to change my site. If I had the same problem with the new site, I ll get back to you.

Hello Wo3Dan my location has changed but I still have the same problem I wonder if you could help me!!

How can Wo3Dan help you if you don’t listen?

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Sure but I wanted to know if he has time :grin: Caribbean Saint Martin Saint Eustatius saint Mary.skp (1.5 MB)

@qsadri, I don’t mind if the location has changed. If you would like me to show you (if I can) how to “replace” the image for one without clouds (an older date) I need the exact location that you get with ‘Add Location’ in SketchUp. So please upload the SketchUp model.

Thanx I just uploaded it did it work?

So where did you hide what you uploaded?

which bit do the clouds cover…
if you mark it up with a square, I can get a better image…


Perhaps you could give us some idea of how the imported DWG outline in your model relates to the terrain.
See this model … Answer the question within it … Upload it back here
Saint Eustatius 001.skp (319.0 KB)

Is this fine? Saint Eustatius 002.skp (505.4 KB)

Yes, that helps establish the scale of the image to the terrain model.

Sorry about my cross posting following yours (quoted here / almost same time).

You started about Antigua (Saint Mary).
But your location is part of the island St.Eustatius.
I’ll have a look and see if I can project your image onto the added location’s terrain.
But that’s something for tomorrow.