How to Generate Contour Map

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I am trying to create a 3D interactive model from a geo location. I am following the below video and am stuck at 2:30 into it when it discusses using the multiply command. I cannot find/replicate on my end based on the video.

I am using SketchUp pro on Mac 14.0.

Can anyone tell me what the multiply shortcut/hotkey is or give any advice towards creating a 3D model that I can edit? I am new to this software so any clarifying questions are appreciated.

To make copies of an object the way he does on the video you must select the object hit the option key on Mac or Ctrl on windows, it will create a copy, type the distance hit enter, then type the number of copies you want to do followed by (x) or (*) then hit enter again and you’ll have the copies you want, if you want more or less copies, without exiting the tool type again a new value followed by x or * hit enter, you can do it as long as you don’t exit the move tool.

You can also move a copy of an object to any distance you want and make copies between the original and the copy by typing (/) followed by the number of copies you want in between.

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