How to fold an elliptical roof?

Could someone give me some guidance on how to produce a fold on an elliptical roof please? Can I do it with native tools if not could you recommend a suitable plugin. Many thanks in advance.

Have you considered the rotate tool?

Fredo’s radial bend, part of Fredoscale might give the results you want if you need a bend.

Brilliant thank you. I would like to keep the fascia vertical if possible. I’ll checkout Fredo’s tools some of which I already use

Bend the ellipse before you make it 3D and then use Vector Push/Pull in the Joint Push/Pull toolset to give it thickness.

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Thanks, DaveR for your advice together with Box’s has got me where I wanted. Many thanks to you both for your very quick and graphical solutions.

One thing to remember is there are usually many ways to do things depending on what you need, or what tools you have. I can think of five ways, not including the manual copy and stitch version.