How to fix my scene transitions?

Hi, can someone please help me with the scene transitions in my model? For some reason the movement of my scenes keeps cutting through objects (walls, doors, glass etc.) that are not near the camera position. I have set my field of view to 50.00 deg. in perspective and I cannot figure out why it is still doing this.

thank you
Lauren Jay

I may be misunderstanding your question, but the transitions move in a straight line from one camera position to the next one. If the line passes through the scenery, so will the camera when it moves from one viewpoint to another. If this is the case, insert one or more intermediate camera locations to make sure this doesn’t happen. If I’ve misunderstood the question, my apologies.

BTW, a field of view of 50 degrees is pretty severe … normally it’s 25-35 degrees.

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Or you can search for “clipping” and see if that’s the problem.

I believe the problem is similar to clipping, but not clipping in itself as reference is specifically made to scene transitions. As you know, as a Sage, the passing though walls and such from one scene to the other is not a new irritation one has to deal with.

This will help to address the problem. I believe there are extensions that will help with the path of cameras and directions in which they face.

@Julian_Smith this made me think of clipping instead

thanks for your help guys. really appreciate it