How to find the differences between two edges?


I’m currently trying to finish a 3d model.
As the picture below shows, I have sometimes vertices that appear through a face.

I think this is common but in my model it shoudln’t appear and I don’t find how nor why this appears.
I’ve looked on the internet for tutorials or extensions which could just solve this kind of problem but without sucess.porte_style.skp (105.5 KB)

Thanks for your advices.



I selected one side and moved/copied to other as a group, the differences are apparent,

as a suggestion, I would model the parts separatly as solids then join them using outershell


Oh great! Thanks to you I got two methods I can use to check my planes. I’ll try them now. Thank you.


Hi denisroy,

After having used your method and corrected the point, it seems the plane has merged with the other model.
How shouls I do then to avoid this?


If you know which point is wrong (e.g. with the guideline), you can move this point accordingly (taking into account the inferencing system)…