Delete an Edge Dividing Two Faces - Which Material/Texture Stays and Which Goes?

Here’s a simple one but I couldn’t quite drum up the right key words to find someone else having the same question:

Case: I’ve got a two faces on the same plane separated by an edge - one face has X material/texture and the other face has Y material/texture.

Q. when I go to delete that edge that divides the faces so that I only have one single face, how do I dictate which material remains and which material goes?


I think there are a number of things that determine it. Most often it seems like the material on the face with the larger area takes precedent. If they are equal, it seems like it’s the one to the right.


Dave - thank you for analytically solving that mystery - when you say it, I guess it makes sense. I’ve just always dealt with what was left either keeping as it was or re-texturing the material that was deleted.

Just one of those modelling things that never really bothered me but was enough to keep me curious.

Thank you!

I never really gave it much thought before. Like you, I guess in those rare cases where I needed to delete an edge after adding materials, I’ve just dealt with it. I generally wait until the geometry is complete before adding materials, though.

I always assumed that it was random and celebrated like I had won the lottery when it worked out in my favour.


Sarcastic or not, I hear you @Slugore!

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