Material priorioty

Hi, maybe someone know what are the rules/priorities in this type of situation.
I have two splitted faces with 2 materials. How can I predict what material fill my faces after removing these splitting edges?

Materials priority 01

Material with the largest area seems to win out.

but when the areas are equal, I’m not sure… seems like the lower lefthand corner tends to win out… maybe it’s related to the default placement of the origin point of the object.

I also thought so, but once I had the opposite situation, and right now i have no idea how it works.

I suspect the material of the oldest face wins (the face which occurs first in the entities collection).

Is there a way to identify which is the oldest?

I don’t think there is (unless you use the Ruby API). Also I’m not actually sure oldest wins but it’s a guess.

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I remember going through this a couple of years back, can’t quite remember the outcome. But it had something to do with the way sketchup reads the geometry.
If you start from left to right or right to left etc etc etc
I seem to remember once we had diagnosed it we all went, oh that’s interesting but now we can forget it.

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