Erasing a line between two materials


A surface is separated into two parts by a line, each painted with a different material. When the line is erased, what determines which material is used to for the resulting single surface?


I believe it has to do with with direction the loop of outer edges is drawn. At least I seem to be able to control which material is kept based on that. The problem is that unless you intentionally pay attention to the direction what creating the faces, it’s difficult to tell. Might be possible with a script. Might not be worth agonizing over in daily practice.


It (also) seems to depend on the face areas. Mostly the largest area determines the texture that remains.


Thanks guys. (At least my) intuition says the larger surface should dominate so I figured I’d ask in case I was doing something wrong. It’s a very minor issue and dealing with it sounds far easier than planning for it - I can live with that.