How to find someone to build some dyamic components for us

Looking for individuals who could do some simple (not for us) dynamic component creation. Looking to build some dynamic interior doors that swing, implement double cut using varied wall thicknesses (automatically double cut to any wall we drop them on), snap to any face (walls on red or green), and the doors themselves add extension jambs on the in-swing side yet maintain a 1 3/8" slab thickness. And be scalable. Basically looking to be able to have a single door (of course there will be standards) that we can grab, drop on a face (snaps to the face), double cuts the opening, and is scale-able. Windows too.

Any input is appreciated.

take a look at FlexTools, it dropped last week!


All is possible. double cut can only be produced with an explosion or more of nested "cutters"

so ruby scripting is required to speed things up to give a sense of automation.
I would like to register my interest in the project. However it is recommend you check some of the existing extensions. “No point in recreating the wheel”

Face Cutter Extension would fulfill your gluing requirement. It can be used with any third party components, such as FlexTools mentioned above to provide cutting of multiple faces.


The 3D Warehouse has professional DC catalog collections such as the Marvin Window collection.
I’d expect there are pro door catalogs as well. Do a search using the brand name like “Marvin”.

Can search by collection and keyword:

Also professional catalogs are featured (as logos) on the second line of the 3D Warehouse landing page. (This logo line scrolls horizontally.)

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