Dynamic components - frame and panel door

Hi everyone

I am a carpenter and i use Sketchup 2020 pro to design frame and panel cabinet doors.
I also use OCL for cut lists
as you can see in the picture, the parts of such a door are quite complex
if i make these parts rectangular then there no problem using Dynamic components to quickly define a door by its width, height, frame profile width etc…

but when the parts look as they would in reality, i can’t get Dynamic components to work

very frustrating!

I would be greatful for any advice on this subject!

Are you referring to the moldings? curved, arched?
need more detail on your requirements

some methods:
use a template to create sections that can be placed in the DC shape required, this works for the linear part (probably 5 parts (mid, left int, left ext, right int, right ext) ,first use a cuboid as the base, then swap it with the different profiles

then can attach it to your panel, and swap if required. The end product needs attention to achieve a list (delete hidden, union of mid and ends) once sorted a method of simplification, create a script to save time.

a view of the template, any profile is scaled up, pulled, and cut to the cookie cutter, grouped then replace the cuboid shape of the DC

embedding a pattern or curve
make a DC path for the follow-me, works for solid boards, like a router to create the curves

read description on YouTube

some examples
pcmoor | 3D Warehouse (sketchup.com)

Hi pcmoor
thanks for your help

the DC path is pretty neat but it seems to me that it can’t be used here.
I have 5 different parts that have to appear so on the cut list as well

As for creating each part from segments - I’ve tryed it and it’s a real pain in the ass, especially when both the width and the length of a particular part can be defined.

I was hoping there’s an easier way

Oh and as for your question about the shapes - the basic frame and panel door has neither arched nor curved parts.
the showcase is depicted in the picture above

I’ve found it’s not worth the time and effort to create a dynamic component for frame and panel assemblies. It’s trivial to resize the components with the Move tool. It makes it possible to get useful cutlists and no worries about distorting the profiles.

There is no easy way. There is bit of a catch with DC’s , they can work out fine for decision making and (visual) information but if you want to get constructible models, you have to go all the way and get the help of extensions.
many moons ago, I made this DC:

Keukenframes.skp (4,1 MB)

Our shop guy only needed to know these basic things:


For me a good solution would serve two purposes:
One is getting a useful cut list and the other is exploring different looks when sitting with a customer

can you upload typical door components as exploded above?

As others have noted before me, Dynamic components become very complicated when you want to have complicated solids.
My two cents here is that you will find it very easy to create accurate constructions with profile builder.
In the example bellow, I have an Alluminium window frame (Glass, shutters, etc) these are just the profiles and assemblies needed for the window, so I can recreate the whole window with just a path.Capture

here is the fileframe and panel assembly.skp (390.1 KB)

Maybe you could have a basic model on a different layer/tag (that you could hide) purely for generating the cut list and a more detailed one for visual. I made a little test panel but OCL didn’t seem to like it much:

Test Panel.skp (254.8 KB)

I’ve started to layout the parts of the frame by splitting the rail for example into 6 components and positioning them so to create the whole rail.
I also artificially added the appropriate figures to the length and width of the rail core part so that OCL shows the correct dimensions.
I think this could work

now I guess I just need to
a. hide lines to achieve a realistic look
b. somehow exclude the other 5 components from OCL
frame and panel assembly.skp (870.3 KB)

it works
I just had to make up the rail/stile/panel components from groups so that OCL would ignore them.

does anyone know how to define the names of parts in OCL by their parent component (i.e door no.)?frame and panel assembly.skp (1.2 MB)

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More on the same issue more or less
Can I get the name attribute to appear in the cut list?
The part names should be inherited from the top assembly so I would like the cut list to show for example cabinet #1 door rail etc…
Any ideas about how to accomplish this?

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Hi Eladudu,

You can use the Name attribute in your dynamic component to be able to name part in OpenCutList :

Enable the option :

Customize the Name formula :

And with multiple doors :

I hope it can help you !

Else nice job on this dynamic door !

Have a nice day and happy to see that OpenCutList could be useful for you :blush:.

frame and panel assembly with name.skp (1,2 Mo)

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problem solved!

thanks again!

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Great !