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I’m trying to make my Dynamic components more complex. Maybe through the use of other extensions I can make this work for me. The following video will explain what I have designed and what I hope to achieve.

Dynamic Component Vid

Will the extension “Skalp” help me “nest” dynamic components further? Should I pursue the Ruby API? Is this a matter of writing down all my algebra and repeating the build numerous times? Is there a way to make a selection list that I could choose a profile and it would input it into my dynamic component? Are there any other tips that I could streamline and advance this system?

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See the CHOOSE, OPTIONINDEX and OPTIONLABEL functions here:

You can swap dynamic components, so the mold can be swapped, or any other part. Any corresponding custom attributes will update to the current value, so for lenx,leny…if their current value is assigned to a custom attribute like alenX, mine_lenX… then that can be used to match in the swap.

the attached file contains a door, a molding pattern and examples contained in shells
the door, though recently uploaded to the warehouse, is built using three multiple cutters to create voids in solid, these voids are then filled with a panel and its mold.
The panel and mold is built using a factory type pattern, a profile is drawn on the edge face of the template, made a group, extruded to a set length, cut to the standard, as separate groups placed and rotated on the form, then a copy of the holding DC is made unique and its raw geometry parts swapped at the appropriate nesting, Thus one can create DCs that have the same formulas but different geometry
With the door, right click and save it as a component to a selected folder, then with each of the already finished shells, enter and save the first nesting as a component to the same folder. Now in a new drawing place the door, modify using the predefined values…now to swap a mold , use out liner to locate (its the first nesting in the placement), right click the named mold and from dynamic component menu do the swap with any of the other panel/mold

Dan is correct in his suggestions and for some of my DCs I do likewise, however in this case I set up a string that can be manipulated and then interpreted, this enable me to get more data visible on the option dialog instead of continuous variable inputs

you may note that you can incorporate formula into the drop down lists, this also helps to tidy up ones work
the formula in this case reacts to the door size, it has be completed for some but not all, a work in progress

Door Panel Template.skp (1.3 MB)

there are more examples on my warehouse page (pcmoor) plus a molding pattern maker with more explanation

Although the file above is large, the door is about 400kb, I am working on some ideas to convert DCs to a simple form using Ruby

If you decide that this is your work flow will be happy to help

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