How to find plugins?


I’m not able to understand how to use plugins. I need a plugin to perfom simple mirroring of objects.
Please someone explain this in a very simple way.
How do I find the plugin that works (between thousands) and how does it get into my working space.

It’s possible to mirror objects without a plugin using either the Scale tool or Flip Along. I would suggest that you learn what the native tools can do before you hunt for plugins to do the same thing. If you still feel you need a plugin to do this, search the Extension Warehouse or the Sketchucation Plugin Store for the term ‘mirror’. TIG wrote a nice mirroring plugin which is available from Sketchucation. If you use the Extension Warehouse and the Sketchucation Plugin Store tool, they will both automatically install plugins for you.

OK but (sorry I dont know)… just where is Extension Warehouse and S.P.C. to be found?

I dont think the flip along tool mirrors the object

Look in the Window menu in SketchUp.

The Sketchucation Plugin Store is found here

Actually, it does.

OK, I look in the window menu and get to Ext. Warehouse. Next, how to find the right plug in? searching on mirror gives hundreds to choose from.
I tried Flip Along by the aid of a tutorial, but I didnt get to choose a mirror line. I’m drawing a facade of a cupboard and need the handles on the doors to be symmetrical.

You will have to read the descriptions, I guess. TIG’s Mirror plugin will give you the mirror line.

You don’t really need a mirror line to mirror the components. You can copy the handles from the existing doors to the other end of the facade and flip the copies.

Frankly, if the whole thing is symmetrical, I’d copy and clip the doors and the handles all at once. I’d possibly copy and flip even more depending upon how the model is created. If you share your model, I can show you how.

I dont know how to share my model

There’s an upload button above the area where you type your messages. It’s the 7th from the left.


If you don’t want to make the file public, send it to me in a private message by first clicking on my name and then the Message button. If the file is more than 3Mb, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

FWIW, I have TIG’s Mirror extension and use it all the time. It actually creates a mirror plane rather than a line, as it is designed to work in 3D.

I also use the native methods which @DaveR has highlighted. Of those, I frequently use scaling at -1 but very rarely use Flip Along. The reason for that is partly because it may not be obvious whether you want the red or green axis and partly because it flips around an item’s centre. Whilst that can sometimes be just what you want (to hand something leaving it where it is as in Dave’s example), it often isn’t and then you have to move it. Mirroring along a plane will often do it in one hit.

Thankyou for responding, Simon. DaveR just helped me further.