How to add mirror plugins

Hi Everyone, can you help how to add mirror plugins to my sketch up 2016?

What mirror plugins do you want to install?

Do you know that there are already two ways to mirror entities in SketchUp?

This post mentions two methods that @DaveR is talking about, along with the plugin.

Thanks mr. dave… I dont know exactly that two ways I am a beginner

thank you mr. joseph

Follow Joseph’s link and you’ll learn them. Since you’re new to SketchUp, you should take some time to learn the native tools before you start looking for plugins that will do what the native tools do.

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ok sir, well noted… thank you

How can I get or download that Tig mirror extension mr. dave? it is not shown on my sketchup 2016 tool bars

It won’t be shown in your toolbars until you install it. Go to Sketchucation and get the Plugin Store and follow the instructions provided for installing it.Then use it to install TIG’s Mirror plugin.

only simple mirror plugins it will help.

Did you not just read that there are two ways to mirror objects with native tools? There is no simpler plugin than none at all.


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as @DaveR has said,

It is important to learn the native ways before jumping onto the plugin.

Thanks for share