How to find and install an upgrade

I received a file from a client that is a newer version than I have installed. I am unable to find a link to update my SketchUp Pro version. Please help, See below

The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp.

You have version 20.2.171.
You need version 21.0.338.

Please visit to get the latest version.

Thanks for your help! I did a new download yesterday however the the version didn’t change. With some effort I’m now upgraded an able to open the clients file!

You’re welcome.

Did you install the new version? Note that installing a new version of SketchUp does not replace the older version. The older one would still be installed unless you remove it.

It sounds like you are now running SU 2021 so maybe you could update your profile while it is still in your mind.