Updating to SketchUp 2021.1.298

Where do I go to update my sketchUp? The SketchUp Website is useless!

Why do you say it is useless? Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2018 Pro so to upgrade, go here: 3D Modeling Software Pricing | 3D Design Program Cost | SketchUp

Click on the Subscribe button in the middle column.

I have the latest version and was informed that Version 21.1.298 was available. the link did not take me to where I could update and now I am dead in my tracks with work. The website does not make it easy to update your version and my subscription is a long way from getting renewed. Any advice?

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That’s different. Go to the Help menu in SketchUp, click on Check for Update. If there’s an update, you should be prompted to install it. Or go to sketchup.com/download/all and download the latest version. Then install it.

If your profile had been up to date and indicated that you were using SketchUp 2021 instead of 2018 I would have given you these instructions in my previous post.

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Thank you! Sorry if I came across as a frustrated jerk.

You’re welcome. You didn’t sound like a jerk but saying you were dead in your tracks made it clear you wanted to get on with things. The information you supply in your forum profile helps us help you in a much more direct and efficient way. Saves both of us time. That’s why I ask people to update their profiles.

Sorry to be a pest again but I just updated to 21.1.299 and I am still getting the attached message. Any thoughts?

Did you open SketchUp 2021 to open the file?

Maybe @colin has some advice for you.

Yes I did use 2021 and now on Layout I am getting this message

I guess I need to start from Layout 2021?

Open LAyOut 2021 and use it to open the file.

and don’t expect to get the latest SU version installed to be opened by double-clicking a document… but launch the latest version manually and open with the file menu or do a drag’ndrop instead.

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Thank you!