How to find an IMPORTED tiny NOZZLE in a big project?

Hi I created ONE nozzle that I wanted to copy multiple times into a multi jet fountain.

After importing it, I CAN NOT locate.
I can select ALL and see the huge space it is hiding in.
The nozzle is in the same metric size as the fountain
AND is only one group.!

How can I zoom into it and reduce all that space that I don;t see in the original model
I actually can NOT zoom in and see it at all.
I double click triple click etc…
It’s quite nerving I am sure I just am missing something basic
I looked online
but it does not seem to be the camera setting
Thanks for any help

Is the nozzle a group or component in its own right? Has it been named? If yes to both look for it in Outliner.

He says it’s a single group.

@Voicefromwithin Can you upload the file, not just an image please?

True but I thought he might mean group rather than Group, ie ordinary speak rather than SU speak.

Good point.

I think it’s pretty clear that it is a group or component due to the giant bounding box in the image.
Open the group via the outliner and see if you can select just the nozzle, or open it and select all within then deslect where the nozzle should be and delete, it is probably one tiny edge diagonally opposite the geometry.

Here’s a quick example of select all within a group then deselect the part you want using shift.

Thank you I will try this now. I was thinking it should be somewhere in the corner
I realized that my whole model is very small. Everything the building the pool-water fall.
the entire concept is 60 storey tall and the land bigger than the pond fountain. its already 95MB
I am afraid if I make it into “real size” the file will get so big my PC can’t handle it anymore.
Would that be the case? I know its only lines in space. But with my old PC i could not import
say this water feature alone so I kept on adding in the main model
Now that I have a 32GB ram PC I took the waterfall into another area as I know I can IMPORT
it to the main building later on.
BUT I am still amazed that just importing ONE nozzle takes nearly 2 minutes. I have some pics in my other postings before.
Someone asked me to upload the entire MODEL . How can I with 95MB and then I work on this alone
for over year and I prefer it not all on the Internet.
There is a gentlemen JIM who helped me a lot and we built up a trust but he seems busy or just not here at the moment.
Anyway Mrs or Mr BOX thank you I will try this now ( I never used OUTLINER ) have to find it first

This a general volume in AutoCAD

It is the number of faces and edges in your model that determine how big your model file becomes and how heavy it is to work with, not their dimensions. It is always best to model to full scale.

Hello BOX :wink:
So I found the nozzle and managed to put it “near” one of the water UP pipes
BUT now I am stuck with a new problem.
While finding it somehow I changed the XYZ angle of it as you can see the dotted box line
Knowing that I will have to match the angle of each spout platform I made a 3D cross in the middle to easier rotate it into the right position. But it being a steep angle instead of horizontal as first created makes it less than easy.
Is there a way I can MATCH the angle of the spout platform (each of these platforms will get a 3D flower on it where the jets are supposed to come out and jump to the next
I actually measured and each platform is 4000mmacross so it is in real size already .
But when I zoom into the nozzle it goes transparent .
I made each jet already in water material so when I use “follow me” it will be water material.
I am self taught and 60+ even I went to school last year but the small house projects they taught us were FAR from stuff like this
I must admit I am very bad with making groups etc and now I see the nightmare in the “Outliner”.
I never looked there before. Mea Culpa!
I just can’t bare the idea so far in the concept to re-asses all the groups etc and at the same time trying to learn to render …

Realistically it sounds like your model needs a lot of work, not things that can be guessed at and solutions typed out. Just finding what is causing the clipping (when you zoom in and it goes transparent) can take some time and effort.
I would suggest you need to share the model with someone and perhaps do some screen sharing so that you can both work on it together.
I am not in a position to do that with you.
Hopefully someone else has the time to offer you.

Do you really need thật level of detail for such a small object?..

You would not have drafted that level of detail in a manual drawing… a simple 2d symbol and/or a 3d approximation would be a lot more efficient for everyone involved…

That may be caused by a “clipping” issue from which SketchUp suffers (perhaps more than some other applications, unfortunately). SketchUp does not properly render extreme close-ups of a model. The image get clipped, meaning that parts of the model progressively disappear in the foreground as the camera gets closer and closer. This can happen with models of any scale, but it is particularly easy to encounter when the dimensions of the model are large (e.g., a very tall building or a city block) and the view is zoomed in to a relatively small area (e.g., a close view of a doorknob somewhere in the building or city block).

Hello Gsharp

I understand your comment but I have encountered big problems as I wanted to multiply the j

ets from spout to spout
After a few installed I can’t seem to use the follow me anymore to get to others as they follow me goes like wild into any directions. So I thought if I put a distinctive nozzle there with X jets I can pick each one of them and link them with a curve to follow to the destination platform. For a final rendering I need these water jets to be up in the air correctly. I know it comes across as maybe mad that my concept .
I don’t know how to stop follow me to go like heywire into any other direction once there are many starting from nearly the the same spot. First time I made virtual triangles to calculate the space where the water can travel within but that ended up so confusing to follow nozzle-with-ball-joint_small-fig13
I found some online just for inspiration I understand IF this would ever be built that obviously specialist would redesign the details
I hope one day I get to make a rendering somewhat like this inspiring.
I can do this ± in Photoshop but it always looks sort of fake

Have a look at “Profile Builder 3” plugin… may be a big help for you, on sale 50% at the moment

Maybe make the nozzle a “glue to any”-component… It would align itself to the endsurface of the pipe. Then you just have to center It.

Thank you yes its VERY frustrating.


I have now made the nozzle a component with the glue to ANY
so now I copied the horizontal one but
sorry can’t figure out where to grab it to make it glue in the right angle on the next

Hello GSharp
Thank you very much…I will attempt that.
Always weary to have to learn somethin
when stuck on things like these now.
Am trying the glue also advised
This plugin says “free” till end May
meaning THEN I will have to pay for using it?

Do not copy but drag a new one out of the components-tray.
if you move or move-copy it will stay in the same direction as when you started to move…