How to fillet multiple surfaces


in basic draw i use the followme tool, but in this case it doesn’t seems to be the solution.
test fillet.skp (58.6 KB)

I’d like to fillet alle surfaces of this two objects but i dont’ know how to do it.
Can anyone help me? Is there a specific tool like the round corners, that do this?


Round corner is used for fillets, but depends what you want to achieve. If you want to place that round detail on each intersection, you will have to do it manually and after that using solid tools(if you have the Pro version) you can combine all together into a solid. You already have some missing faces due to the small scale you are working with- consider scaling up until you finish the part then scale down.


Sorry, I’ve posted the wrong draw where i was trying to use the solid toolset.

This is the correct one.test fillet.skp (80.9 KB)

I want to round only the intersections between the two solids,
But manually it’s an hard work and it doesn’t seem to work well with round corners tool.


What is the reason for the fillet ? Is it really necessary ? It can be done with round corner but before all you need to rotate the round shape to have a clean intersection. Then after running the plugin you still need to work the fillet a bit because of the missing faces that appears.


Too much work, maybe you’re right, it’s unecessary