Fillet between two cylinders

Hello all

I am trying to see how i can put a fillet between two intersecting cylinders, so that they look to be blended together. So it looks a bit like the the attached photo. Hope this makes sense.

anyone able to help?


I would use Curviloft Skin Contours of a quarter of the intersection in this fashion after I copy a ring on each cylinder to get an arc on each, extend an edge between the two cylinders and an arc parallel to the axes.

There will be excess faces of the upright cylinder to remove after.


Another option is to use @Fredo6’s RoundCorner or FredoCorner plugins. They will give the effect of a more uniform fillet along the compound-curve intersection between the two cylinders.

You would probably need to use the “Dave” method to avoid SketchUp’s issues with very small geometry:

  1. Put the cylinders in a component
  2. Create a copy of the component off to the side somewhere
  3. Scale up the copy 100X or so
  4. Open the copy’s editing context (e.g., double-click) and add the fillet with the extension
  5. Delete the copy

Another approach is to model in SketchUp the method of fabricating it in the real world. So, if the work looks like that because you make the joint first with S4S stock, and then run a cove bit on a router over it, then model the shape and path of the router as a solid “cutter” object and use solid tools to subtract it from a model of the full dimension parts.


With Fredo6 Round corner (router plugin)

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Fantastic, thanks for all the help!
I’m new to SketchUp, so this may take me a while to get right!


Using the Fredo6 Roundover plugin is great as long as the pieces are the same diameter.
If they are different, i can’t seem to get it to work!
Any ideas on this?


There are a lot of different scenarios. If you’d like to post the model of the two pieces, someone might suggest what will work. There can be two different radii and and many ways they are supposed to meet.


Fantastic, thank you so much!