How to fill in this spot

this is the Part an the ORANGE area is what I can not seem to get it to fill in

How do I upload the Skb file ?

Don’t do that! .skb is the most recent backup file, not the active most recently saved one.

You should upload the .skp file, not.skb.

If it’s less than about 15MB, just drag it from File Explorer to your next post.

Or use the Upload button image , 8th icon above your post text, and choose the file to upload.

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If the orange ‘fillet’ is symmetrical then why not edit the context you have drawn it in, then use the PushPull tool to extrude it the desired width. Done !

There are many way to achieve an end results in SketchUp, but you seem to be ignoring the most obvious and simplest solution using the native tools - somehow expecting some clever tricks, or a perhaps plugin, to do something that should only take a minute to achieve.


Just push/pull the profile to extrude it.
Upload a file using the upload button (arrow pointing up) when you’re posting a reply.

Okay here is the file handle-2-b.skp (1.1 MB)

OH yeah did not think of that . . Must have been low on coffee that morning !

Oh okay My brain was not running at that TIME OF THE MORNING !

As I monospaced thought - just use PushPull, but tap the Ctrl key to keep the starting face.

handle-2-b JWM.skp (1.1 MB)

You’ll probably have to re-colour the curved surface using the paintBucket tool (shortcut b).

yeah did that . .

Mine are ALWAYS small it is for 3D printing ! . . Not a House sized thing or even a cupboard sized thing like a bit over a Cubic Foot in size . . Like 13.5 X 13.5 X 15 inches