How to extrude "roundly"?

Hello, my good friends : )

So I have this 3D object which I have already pulled, but it important to me to make it’s upper face round, you know?

Is there a way I can pull such face to do something like this?

Follow me tool perhaps?


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That’s not what I want, but that surely will be useful in the future!

Take a look at what I’m trying to make round here:

Using the follow me to, it just makes my object disappear…

But you get what I want, right? I just give it a convex face!


have you got ‘target’ image for a 3d object you have in your mind…


Or maybe the soap skin & bubble extension?

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Yeah, so I have this “cat face” (in fact, it’s a dog)

All that I want know is to pick it’s upper area and make it convex, so it gets more “vivid”.

I’ll check those extensions for sure!

Thank you all, deeply!

How big is your dog? (This problem sounds like to small geometry, you can scale it bigger and try again)