How to extend just a portion of an object?

I downloaded a hook-and-eye latch from the 3D warehouse but the hook part is too short. If I use the scale tool to elongate it, the whole thing gets stretched/distorted. How can I elongate the straight/shaft portion of the hook?

Turn on the hidden geometry and then use a left to right selection around the end of the hook to select just that geometry. Then use the Move tool to move it the desired distance.


To get a full answer in future give a link to the object in the warehouse rather than a link to an amazon product.

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OK, here’s the link to the object:

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There is a hidden copy of the hook in there that should be removed, you can see something is there because the bounding box is too big. Turning on hidden object shows it.
Hidden junk

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Thank you, Dave R! That put a slight bend in the middle of the hook shaft. Not sure why but I selected the “joint” where the two sections met and slid it down near the hook. That straightened it out. Funny thing is, though, I do need to put a bend in - but not in that axis. What’s the right way to do that?

Good point. I didn’t bother to examine the component closely.

Yeah, I saw that and removed it.

I think you didn’t select enough of the hook end.

I would probably just add a ring around the hook where the bend needs to be and then select the end and use Rotate. If I were really concerned about getting it right I would redraw the hook from scratch to make sure.

Actually I moved the whole thing, selected the eye end and dragged it, then selected the hook end and dragged it. That’s when it happened. I actually figured out the bend myself! I reselected that joint, moved it back out where I needed the bend, then puled it in the right direction! Now it needs to go up a little in the blue axis but it won’t let me do that so I’m calling it “good enough”!

Thanks again for the help!

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Awesome! Thank You!

How are you able to select only one half of the hook? It won’t let me do that.

As he mentioned above.

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Sorry, I’ll rephrase my question. How do I add a ring around the hook?

I selected an existing set of edges and copied them down the length of the hook with the Move tool.

Got it. Thank you again!