How to export surface from sketchup to civil 3d

I’m working for a project that need to extract the finished surface from sketchup and build that surface in civil 3D to make bulk quantity for some landscape area. I try some exporting to 3D autocad file, and also importing *.skp file to civil 3D. But still can’t create the correct surface. Anyone can help about this?

Maybe this Autodesk forum thread gives a hint:

Or here:

Hi Anssi,
Before going to this step, I wonder how to extract surface from sketchup to civil 3D. I try 2 different ways:

  1. Importing *.skp file into civil 3D and build the surface directly from 3D face but seem levels are not correct.
  2. exporting the file to dwgs and then create surface from 3d face.
    Both 2 method, the level seems to be different and not correct as the design level
    Could you advice me for which of above methods are correct one?

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