How to export SKP to AutoCad Mechanical to export STEP

I have searched, but am unable to find a post where a member offered to convert SKP to STEP via AutoCAD Mechanical. I now have access to AutoCAD Mechanical. What are the steps involved in making this conversion from Mesh to Nuurbs?

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Google is your friend:

• Autodesk Knowledge Network : To Convert a Mesh Object Into a NURBS Surface
• Autodesk Knowledge Network : To Convert a Mesh Object to a 3D Solid
• Autodesk Knowledge Network : How to create a NURBS Surface from a polyface mesh object

Thanks, I was searching here as I saw someone earlier that offered to convert. I hadn’t googled elsewhere.

Yeah, I’m getting errors. Is there anyone who has done this conversion and can document the steps?

Can you describe some more about what you’re trying to accomplish with this conversion? Might help us to come up with a working system for you. Generally speaking, converting from any polygon mesh format to any NURBS surface format is going to result in an approximation at best. The geometry models are just really different. It isn’t simply a question of picking the right import/export format. More like converting an apple into an orange.

I chose poorly. Sketchup is good for 3D Printing, but not for injection molding. I guess I will have to redo the design in AutoCad, Solidworks or FreeCad.

or any other CAD system (i.e. not SketchUp), preferrably a 3D NURBS surface/solid modeler (= not ACAD).

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