How to edit wood screw?

I have downloaded this model:
and saved under v8 file. I would like to make it shorter (and resize later) so it could be possible to edit is so I can get something like this screw.

But when I open the model and click it, I am not able to select any edge of it. Why is it. The model is not red and does not look to be locked.

I have found the short screw so I can use it. But the short screw is possible to edit but the long screw is not. And I would like to know the difference between this two models - how this happen.

The edges in the threader portion are softened. If you turn on Hidden Geometry, you’ll be able to select the edges and delete them to make the screw shorter.

Thank you. This is quite simple. One more question. When I save the edited file, how can I open this component in project with a cabinet? To import the component from one project file to another project.

Create a folder in My Documents and call it something like Wood Screws. In SketchUp go to the Components window and click on the + in the upper right corner (upper arrow) to open the secondary pane. Then open the Details menu by clicking on the button shown at the lower of the two arrows, below.

In the menu choose Open or create local collection… Navigate to your Screws folder. Make sure the top one is set to In Model. Click on the dog house icon to make sure.

Now to save the screw, drag the thumbnail for your screw from the top to the bottom. Click on the Details button again and choose Add to favorites…

If you need a different size screw, drag in your component from the Screws library, modify it and give it a new name to describe it. Then you can drag the new one from In Model to the Screws library.

I have made lots of wood screws over the years. They all started from a single 2 in. long #8 flathead screw. I just change the length, diameter and head when I need a new screw.

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Thank you. It is kind a hard way to do it, but now I understand it :slight_smile:

It isn’t difficult at all. And once you have your library created, you’ll never need to do it again.

Now I repeat your steps with a roof beacons file from warehouse, opened in the SU 2014 and I open the component window, and I click the home icon and I do not see any object in the “In model” section (top). Why is it?

No components?

I can only guess without seeing it.

Is this it?

If you downloaded this to your computer and opened it in SketchUp you would find there are no components. Th beacons are groups and as such there’s no place for them to appear as they would if they were components. You can convert them to components if you wish.

Exactly this is it. I found it yesterday when I watched the Outliner. I created a component and then exported to a file. Thanks.