How to draw rivet heads around circumference of tube?

Is there an easy way to draw rivet heads around the circumference of a tube ?

Yes. Use a radial array.


This may help u …

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Thanks Gully. Is a radial array possible in the free version ?


You know, if you would quit asking yes or no questions (ask detailed, substantive questions) and provide a bit more information, you might get more useful responses.


Thanks again Gully. I would like to achieve a result similar to that shown on your picture. How do I perform a radial array please ?

Use the β€œrotate” tool,
tap [ctrl] for a duplicate,
click to set the centre point of the rotation,
click to set the reference for the first object,
Move the mouse and type in a rotation angle of 360 and hit [return]
type in β€œ/8” where 8 is the number of duplicates you want.
delete the start object (there will be 2 on top of each other)

(You could work out angles, position the first iteration and use the β€œ*8” method, but I’m really lazy.)

Have a look at this.
Note that I have set h as my keyboard shortcut to toggle hidden geometry on and off.

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Boy, step away for an hour.

@tonyheselden, where else are you going to get this much information pumped out at you at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning?


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Thanks to all for your advice.