How to draw an equivalent dimensions on the length for sketchup


Could you tell me how to draw an equivalent dimensions (“EQ” symbol) on the length by Sketchup?

Andy Wan

If you select the dimension and have the Entity panel open, you can alter the value.

Edit: one needs to double click on the dimension:


@buildingsurveying2023, you could use the ‘Divide’ command in the ‘right click’ context menu. This will divide the selected edge in equal lengths. The number of segments can be seen on screen (red dots) and overruled by typing the desired number, see the ‘Measurements’ field (saying segments down right).
In SketchUp each endpoint is more or less on its own unless… (see attached example):

Divided triangle sides.skp (125.1 KB)

The corners can be moved and the sides will stay divided nicely. Endpoints in between stay on sides.
(The sides are altered in welded curves)

Note that the dimensions “follow” the geometry. It can’t be the other way around in native SketchUp.