How do I make a symmetrical drawing? Lines and angles on either side of a drawing to be equal

New to Sketchup. I created this drawing. When I use the measure tool, the two lines (in blue) are not of equal length. Is there an easy way to make the lengths equal? Same question for the angles in the drawing. Thank you.

It’s hard to tell exactly what you are trying to model but if you you should be able to make things the same size. If nothing else you could consider modeling half of it and then copy and flip the copy to make the other half.

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Thanks Dave. I will look into it. I feel like I should be able to highlight both lines and then key in a measurement. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Thanks again.

Again, it’s hard to tell from just your screen shot what you have going on. As I said, you could model just half of the thing and make it a component that you copy.

If the thing is modeled correctly in the first place those edges would have been the same length to start with and you would be able to resize them together.

What @DaveR suggest is the standard method for things that are symmetrical, especially if you want to edit them in future. It’s worth taking time to learn the technique.