A symmetry tool?

When using many of the tools (line, circle, arc, etc.), there is no easy way to draw using symmetry. It would be very useful to have tools that can draw symmetrically over a center line (a mirror image), and have it be one solid line/circle/arc rather than broken segments. Seems like this could easily be accomplished with a modifier key. I use SU primarily for guitar design/building, and much of what I do involves placing objects symmetrically along a center line, and although it seems easy enough to divide by 2, it becomes a hassle when working in .001 of a mm. Thank you.

Several notes:

  • You could consider working in meters in a scaled up instance of your model.
  • Use components of “half” instances back to back with their mirrored counterparts.

Changes in an instance would reflect in the mirrored one with the same accuracy at the same time.
Changes in the larger (scaled up) model would reflect instantly in the original (scale 1:1) model instance, to be measured in 0.001mm if you like (or even smaller)