Line of Symmetry

Is there anyway to create a line of symmetry so that when you model something when you edit something on one side it happens on the other? Or a plugin for it? I’ve searched the internet but cannot find anything for it besides copy and pasting.

Make half of your model into a component, insert a second copy and mirror it by flipping. Now when you edit the component, the changes you make will be reflected in the second copy.


I made half of the basis of my model and made it a component. Then I copied and pasted and flipped it but now I’m having trouble lining it up with the other one. It’s always slightly off cause it won’t snap into position.

You need to understand how snapping works in SU. The mouse pointer snaps to points: points do not snap to points. So let’s say you want to snap point A of the first component to point A-prime of the second. First approach Point A with the mouse pointer. When the pointer is within snapping range of point A, the inferencing engine will display a colored dot (usually green, denoting “endpoint”), and you will notice a slight gravity effect as the pointer snaps to the point. When you see the colored dot, click the mouse to attach point A to the mouse pointer. Now move the pointer toward point A-prime, as it drags the selected object behind it, and once again, when the pointer is within snapping range, you’ll see a colored dot at the location of A-prime, and it’s time to click to complete the move.

Notice, you did not snap a point to a point: you snapped the mouse pointer first to a point on the object to be moved and then to another point that is the destination of the first point.