How to draw a roof like this?



Please anyone can explain how to draw a roof like this using SketchUp? Thanks! If you need, I can send the .skp file!


Check View (menu) > Hidden Geometry

Draw a pie shaped face using the Pie tool.

(If you are on the ground plane, point to the face, right-click, and choose Reverse Faces, so the face’s normal is pointing up.)

Activate the Move tool, and hover over the pie face’s center vertex until you see a EndPoint inference.

Click Up Arrow key (:arrow_up_small:) once, to constrain to the blue axis.
… and drag the mouse up.

SketchUp will automatically divide the pie face into slices.


Draw a face in the shape of the cross section of the roof.
Draw a circle on the ground
Use the FollowMe tool to turn the face into a conical roof, using the circle as the path.
Finally, use the Intersect with model command to cut the walls through the roof, and remove the parts of the roof that you don*t need.