How to draw a metric thread into a shaft



Hi there,

After a couple of hours reading and experimenting I am almost giving up :frowning:
I try to draw a metric thread M5 into a ‘solid’ shaft.

Every support is welcome.


What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Do you want to add the threads to the end or do you want to thread what’s already there? How long do you want the threaded part to be? Or are you trying to add internal threads into what look like holes you’ve started? Please give some useful information so we don’t have to play 20 questions to figure out what you want.


Hi Dave,

I use Sketchup Make 17.2.2555 64Bit.
How to explain.
I added 4 cylinders where the ‘inside’ thread should be.
The diameter of the shaft is 12mm. The threads M5 should go down into the shaft about 8 to 9 mm.
I am considering to let them go through in total that depends

Hope that makes it more clear.


That helps. How are you going to use the threads once you’ve drawn them? How much detail do they need to have.

One way to draw threads is shown here. I think you’ll find the Dave Method useful, too.


It’s input for a ‘real’ engineer to visualize what I would expect.
So no printing or cnc quality needed.
I will give the dave method a go.

I also found this but did not manage to use it. Have no idea where to start.


Most likely a simple hole without threads will be sufficient. Just add a callout that specified the holes are to be tapped for 5mm screws. No need to waste time drawing the threads.

What is the thing anyway?


Guess your right there,
It’s part of a GPS mount. Or going to be. :slight_smile:


By the way,
I had managed to position the threads from the ‘tread maker’ but don’t know how to open them up un the shaft.
The mode is updated now.



You could draw a circular thread. Just draw the profile and use follow me around a circular path.

If you want to draw an actual thread, then I’d recommend watching some tutorials on Youtube. If you look up “thread sketchup” or “screw sketchup tutorial”, then a lot of helpful videos will come up.

Here are some M6 screws on the 3D Warehouse… :sweat:


Thanks all,

This all helps a lot.

Kind regards


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