How to download trial version

Trying to download a trial version of Sketchup. All goes well until I get the screen that says “ensuring your browser is secure” when I just get the little circle going round and round and round…

I have tried two different browsers, same result in each. Where am I going wrong?

Is your computer managed by a corporate IT department? They might have disabled the download of applications (.exe files). It sort of sounds like your firewall intervening.

Are you trying to download the current version or an older one? Also is your windows version up to date?

No - personal computer at home. Regularly download various types of files.

Windows is up to date. I would be happy with any version! I have created a 3D drawing using the online designer and all I want to do is to export it to an .STL file for 3D printing, but I can’t find any way to do that!


I think that the OP wants to upload a file in the stl format.

Doh! I was concentrating on Export - which it wouldn’t let me do. Didn’t think to try Download! Thanks for your help.