Download stl files

I am trying to download stl file so I can send it to someone that has a 3d printer, it downloads an certificate error
What can I do? How can I make use of the SketchUp?!?

I am using online SketchUp
I can download my file as an png, as am skt but when I try as stl is give me this error:

" Invalid Public Security Object file"

“This file is invalid for use as the following: Certificate Trust List”

Can you share the file and more information, it’s not really possible to help without it. I don’t know what a certificate error is.

Download it from where?

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile gives contradictory information.


Are you able to share the SketchUp file?

That is a link to SketchUp Free…

It looks like there is an issue with your browser downloading the file. Can you download files from other websites?

Won’t let me even from 3d warehouse.
I will intall firefox and see what happens

That little hourglass to the right of the STL File download link means that it is still processing (being made into an STL file behind the scenes).

So i thought, but it’s the same since last night, left it open so it could load.

same certificate error with firefox too.
I give up…

From my understanding of that error message, it is Windows (not your browser) that is set to only allow downloads from trusted sources. I am on a Mac, so I cannot dig in deeper, but perhaps someone whow is Microsoft savvy will swing by and give you an idea of how to tell your computer that it is OK to download a file from Sketchup Free.

can anyone else download it and send it to my email?!?

Can you Aaron, plz?

I can, but I just wanted to check… Are you hoping to 3D print this? It is not a solid, so it won’t be printable… In fact, it is several nested groups that lap over each other. If you are hoping to make it printable, then you will need to work on it a little more so that all the geometry is in the same contenxt, and the Entity info, when the group/componentn is selected reads “Solid”

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Very strange, for whatever reason it did not work on this Mac Book Pro in either Chrome or Firefox

There would be a few ways to get around this:

  1. Have your friend with the printer download the file instead
  2. Download the standard sketchup file, import it into the free web version and export as an .stl.

Either way this model need’s work before you print it, in it’s current state it would not be usable, I hope you don’t expect it to be load bearing!

HOOK.stl (6.5 KB)

Edit: Oh @TheOnlyAaron beat me too it!

Thank you both. I will work some more on it, it is my first time I try to do something like this, I have no special skills so I hope I can just learn from experiencing.
Thanks again.

No problem, make sure to go through the videos on the SketchUp you tube channel. Watch the beginners series and you will be flying in no time.

Also try to use some real life hooks for reference (if indeed that’s what you need). It will give you some pointers about how they are put together and also how you may attach them to a surface so they are stable.

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Thanks again.

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