Can't download Sketchup 2022 trial

Hi Everyone, For some reason this new version does not want to download. it just keeps giving me the working spinny cursor but it doesn’t go past that. I checked to make sure I have sufficient storage for it as well to support it and it still won’t go past that window.

Anyone else?

Try Download All | SketchUp

The free trial does not relate to SketchUp Free (web). If you are a hobbyist wanting to use SketchUp Free go to

I’m definitely not a hobbyist, I’m a designer but wanted to try out a different 3d software that was more simple than 3ds Max so that I can do conceptual renderings in a more efficient time.

Did you try the first link I gave you, then? And did that work?

Please correct your profile. It indicates you are using the free web version which apparently isn’t right.

If you are still having problems getting the download to work, try this direct link:

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