How to download SketchUp 2024

How do I upgrade to SketchUp 2024?

I’ve finally found out why I was having to many problems with SketchUp. It’s because my computer was too old.

So, I bought a new iMac desktop and wish to have the 2024 version in it.

You can get the Mac disk image DMG from this page:

When it has downloaded, double-click on the DMG file to see the disk image window, then drag the SketchUp 2024 folder on to the Applications alias, to set it copying across. When it has finished copying you can right-click in the disk image window and eject the disk. It’s a good idea to do that, to make sure that when you run SketchUp you are opening the copy that was made into Applications/SketchUp 2024/

One thing to do before you run it for the first time, open SketchUp 2023 and sign out (you can do that from the Help menu), and close SketchUp. Then when you run 2024 you can sign in, and should not get any messages about having too many activations. Signing out of 2023 would have freed up an activation.