Sketchup 2024 error message: manage activations

No matter what I do, sketchup 2024 says I have to manage activations. I have closed every one. I have followed the links and confirmed nothing is open. I can open 2023 but 2024 will not correct itself. I have deleted it and re-downloaded it. Nothing. HELP!

Did you sign out of SketchUp before closing it?

Yes of course. And if you follow the Manage Activations link it force closes everything. Tells you that you are officially logged out of everything.

The signing out, signed out of everything, may be misleading. It’s only talking about your most recent sign out.

Try these steps:

The important last step is to sign out and sign in again. Whether you are authorized or not is decided on signing in. If you had done the other steps but not yet signed out and in again, SketchUp would still think you’re not authorized.

That is exactly what I said I did. I went through deauthorizing all devices. I got a message saying I was signed out of all following that link. And yet, it stills says I have to manage my devices. What else? I have signed in and out of my iMac, my iPad and my MacBook Air.

I don’t know what is different about your situation. You should contact support, and someone would be able to screen share with you to try and figure out what is going on. Here’s the contact form: