How to download models for SketchUp 2016



i cant seam to download models to ganish my model from 3dwarehouse it always indicates the message, ur using 2016 u need to up garde to 2017 and 2017 only comes in 64bits thats not fair at all. and the 3dwarehouse is not opening up for model download. need help ya’ll sketchup team do something


You can still get models from the 3D Warehouse for SketchUp 2016 and it doesn’t matter whether you are using SU2016 on a 32-bit operating system or on 64-bit.

There’s nothing unfair about SU2017 being 64-bit only. There’s nothing preventing you from continuing to use SketchUp 2016.

Maybe it’s time you switch to a 64-bit OS.


You’re doing something wrong. I just downloaded a model to 2014 and got no such warning. What’s the link or search terms to the model?


but my 3d warehouse has refuse to open so i went through fire fox but shows
me a message on screen that its a 2017 mode,l stuff like that and am using
2016 need to update 2017 am helpless here please help


The download comes in several versions, select the one you need.
Here it is in FF.


thank u thank u thank u i love u for saving my bud


It’s kind of funny you couldn’t see that in the screen shot I posted three days ago.


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