How to do subtractive processes

Sketchup is great for additive processes - i.e. creating things from building blocks. But I’m having trouble with subtractive processes like making holes in objects. In TinkerCAD it’s easy. You just create a cylinder and then click to turn it into a hole. Is there anything equivalent or similar in Sketchup?


There a whole load of Boolean intersect options. Watch a few videos on Solid Tools.

… in SketchUp Pro only (besides outer shell).

But you also can use context menu “intersect faces” to find the intersection of two volumes and subtract what you want:

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Ah yes…I forgot. :wink:
With Make, I guess you just have to Intersect and tidy up. It’s still pretty straightforward to Swiss-cheese a solid, though.

The context menu command Intersect Faces is fundamental to creating complex geometry.

The Push/Pull tool creates holes in parallel faces.