How to subtract objects using Sketchup Make 2017 (non pro)

Since the “Solid Tools” are deactivated, is there any way I can subtract an object from another?

I am only using Sketchup occasionally and non commercially for personal use and would even buy an activation key for Sketchup Make 2017 but can’t find any.

You can use Bool Tools 2 in SketchUp Make.

There was never an “activation key” sold for SketchUp 2017 Make. There was one for SketchUp 2017 Pro but that ship sailed years ago. In your case just buy Bool Tools 2.

It is possible to use Intersect Faces and a bunch of manual deleting/erasing but if you value your time the extension will pay for itself in short order.

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I use Make 2017 all the time and use either the 'intersect with…" option and then delete what I don’t need. I recently purchased Bool Tools for a very reasonable cost which acts almost exactly as the solid tools in the Pro versions of SU

It would seem Dave and me were replying at the same time and have given the same advice.

I would say it works better than the native Solid Tools because it respects the component-ness of components. The native Solid Tools convert the components they modify to groups and don’t modify other instances of components.

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