How to do a follow-me on curved corner?

I would like to make it through the corners without those “left-overs”… how do I do it?

Put the path on the inside instead of the outside.


thank you

However, @DaveR, sometimes, if I put the shape I want on the inside instead of the outside, the don’t get the shape I want.
Any ways to fix this?

Show an example of what you are talking about. Share the .skp file.

SketchUp’s follow-me essentially works by putting a copy of the profile along the bisector of where each pair of edges meet and then stitching the copies together. If the profile points toward the center of a curve, the copies must be small enough that they don’t intersect each other, else the attempt to stitch them together goes nuts, leaving flaps sticking out.

When oriented to the outside of the curve, the copies diverge and can’t intersect. So you get a clean miter.


In a case like that you can select the geometry, Intersect Faces and then erase the unneeded bits.

Mmh, alright.
Thanks @DaveR .