How to divide irregular area into equal parts

What exactly are you trying to do?

Please correct your forum profile. You indicate you are using SketchUp Free which is web based but yur forum profile shows you are using Sketchup Pro.

Thanks for guidance!

All I need to know about divide irregular area drawing or layout in equal parts.

You need to be more specific about what you are trying to do. And include the right information in your forum profile.

I’m creating a layout for property.
want to divide in 4 equal area Sq.ft… But the issue is I’m not getting how to go this.

Please help me for same.

Can you share the file or add more information like measurements and angles of the shape?

You will have thousands of options, three lines running accross.
Make a locked group showing the boundary of all properties.
Example below: 2743.03m²

Overlay that same boundary with a face and divide that by three lines (edges accross) the way you think it should look like.
Hovering with the ‘Tape Measure’ tool over one fourth face reveals its area. compare that with what is one fourth calculation (685.76m²/plot) (so 723.01m² needs to be adjusted!)
Slide the vertices along the overall boundary edges and check again. Till all show one fourth of the sum.

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To divide a surface into a certain number of smaller equal areas, there is a Lisp for Autocad.

Unfortunately it’s still mostly manual operations.
Comparing both workflows I would definitely stay with SketchUp and use “sliding vertices” for dividing in the property into four equeal areas. Native and fast.

If any one can make a video clip of dividing irregular area in equal parts then it help me or others how to do same with any tools!

Can you share the file? Just drag and drop in a comment.

3D and 2D.skp (5.4 MB)

I now see two irregular shapes. You need to be claerer about what you want.
My method above would do using the ‘Move’ tool and ‘Tape Measure’ tool alternately.
But confronted with two shapes I’m confused.

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