Land Layout how to divide the land

Hi im a sketchup user i love using sketchup. I have question regarding

layouts. For example i have a land 1 Acre and i want to divide that land

into few 30 plots and the land is not in rectangular shape its odd shape

how can i divide that land in 30 plots with each plot size 40x40 or 30x40

etc.and in that land i want roads, civic amenities, parking,etc Is there

any video or article where i can get help how to divide the land in autocad

Layout is done. plz reply I have the reference video what i want (- YouTube)

I think that if you were to post a photo or model of your irregular acre, you might get some meaningful advice on how to do this in SketchUp.

If you’re looking for advice on how to do this in AutoCAD, this might be a better place to ask.

Computer does not do thinking for you. The local planning board , if any, will have some say plus you have to also consider sewers, water, curb and gutters, open space etc.
OF course I’m assuming what you want to do. If you want to just fit size noted then it is a much different problem but even then roads may require other than nice rectangular size.
Just some thoughts or not?
Form usually follows function so once you under stand all the requirements off you go?

@mac7595 is right on the money. You can easily draw 40x40 or 30x40 rectangles in SketchUp and shove them around to create a layout, but first you need to understand all of the constraints on what you are allowed to do.

and you’ll need more than an acre, unless 30 X 40 with paths and cycle parking…

is this for a camping ground or temporary/emergency accommodation project?


This the reference video - YouTube what i mean to say can sketchup divide the land in that way or is there other way