How to display elevation of xyz points in Layout


Hi there,

I’m fairly new to Sketchup so apologies if I miss some key points here!

I have survey data of river cross-sections which I have been able to display in Sketchup Make using the ‘Total Station Point Installer’ extension and transform to lines. I have then imported each section to Layout where I have added dimensions (total width; width of left floodplain; width of channel; width of right floodplain).

What I urgently need to do is somehow automatically label the points that make up each line with their respective eleavtion.

Please, can anyone suggest how to do this?

FYI , I don’t have access to Sketchup Pro.

Many thanks


How could you be using LayOut and not have access to SketchUp Pro?

There’s a plugin called Add Height from Datum that would do what you need in SketchUp.


Told you I was new to it! Apparently I do have Sketchup Pro. Any ideas on how to assign elevations to points?



I edited my previous post with a link to a plugin. Use the plugin to add labels to the points in SketchUp. They’ll show up in the viewport in LayOut.


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