Show spot height (elevation) labels?


I’m trying to add labels to a plan that show what Z height each face or edge is at.

The height should be relative to the origin point of the component.
Preferably the points would be a little point or small component (a cube?) with a label attached. I’ve tried Trimble Field Points but that doesnt show the elevation.

Anybody know a method for doing this?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I believe TIG’s Add Height from Datum is what you are looking for.

It includes nice video.

Typically, this Z-height is referred as spot elevations.


Utilities Tools plugin has a Query Tool feature which does what you need but temporarily.

Point Gadget 2 does also what you need with more advanced options.


I made a component that looks like a level dimension arrow, with a dynamic attribute that converts its z-position into a height text. Then I can, in LayOut add a leader and label that refers to the attribute. I’d post a screenshot but the file is on my other computer that I cannot access right now.


This one works great. A nice simple level tag;

If it dynamically updated like Anssi’s component, then it would be truely fantastic.


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