How to design a shape on uneven terrain?

How to design a shape on uneven terrain? Is there a plugin that stamps a component, like the one from sandbox? do with the lines? I need to adapt this organic floor shape into this uneven terrain.

I have seen a couple (cant remember exactly which ones) that are like the drape tool in sandbox. It does what you need. Way back I looked at some but didnt see any real improvements. I do use Artesian and the clean up extension. Also Topo shaper and Eneroth Terrain Volume and sandbox getting the mesh looking good before draping “outlines” or creating contours.

Not at the moment. Can you share the model and I can show you some ways to approach it in multiple steps?

Component_471.skp (8.0 MB)
Sure. Here it is Eric

The short answer to your original question is no. There is not ‘stamp’ of a component/group like the Drape tool. And even if there was, it’s not the best method to use given the fact that the existing grades would be modified prior to constructing the driveway. A better process is to remove the existing terrain surface (that needs to be re-graded)…and re-build it to work for the driveway surface.

I was going to show you how to do that process but the component you shared does not match the screenshot you provided earlier: