How can I lay an extruded shape over topography (aka polygonal shape)?

The site plan I am working on has topography that isn’t completely flat, which mimics the real world. I am wanting to lay some walking path’s on top of it, but am unsure the best way to do that.

I tried the stamp tool from Sandbox, which kinda works, but the problem I am running into is that it makes the top of the path completely flat, which isn’t how it would be in the real world.

Drape on Sandbox also doesn’t accomplish the task, as it just traces the outline onto the topo. If I extrude the topo up, it makes the path way too uneven.

I am wanting the path to be raised slightly, but also conform to the topo, but also be somewhat graded as well.

Can someone help me out with how to accomplish this?

The most straightforward option would be to first Drape your path using the Sandbox tools, then extrude it up using Fredo6’ Joint PushPull.

Here’s something of an exaggeration of the shapes. Pretty rough path.


Profile builder might be an option if you want to shell out for the plugin.
This tutorial shows its application to a road but could be a walking path.

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