Stamp house model into terrain using grade line as a guide?

I have been having a hard time using the stamp tool with Sandbox tools to achieve the look I want with my model. I have imported the site contours and used them to create terrain (with Fredo’s topo shaper in this case). I have a competed house model that is complex and has multiple levels. I’d like to stamp the house into the surface, which is easy enough to achieve. However, I end up having to spend a long time smooving the terrain to get it to where I want it, and it never looks all that great anyway.

I have a grade line on the outside of the house that I’d like to match to the terrain surface, and slope the terrain away from that line. Is there a better workflow for this process?

Thanks in advance!

Link to model: Working Model 6-17-19screenshot%203

You can get the desired result in several ways:


You could also use Sandbox Smoove tool or Artisan’s Sculpt tool (shown below) to do more subtle grading around your foundations.

*Edit - I didn’t see the grade line in your model so this may not answer your question but good to keep in mind just in case :wink:

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The instant site grader looks perfect for this.

Sometimes after I use the stamp tool I select an area around it and the use the scale tool with control key to average out the terrain a bit, it keeps the floor about where it needs to be and lowers the higher parts and heightens the lower parts. Then the perimeters of that can be sculpted further away from the house.
Smoove or the artisan sculpt are nice for this but I would also suggest “edit vertices” tool which can allow you to select more specific parts and adjust up and down, a little more tedious but might get you the accuracy you need?

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Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions! I haven’t played around with editing terrain very much and I knew there was a better way.